Auditory Processing Therapy & Listening Skills Program

“Little Ears was able to confirm our daughter’s Auditory Processing Disorder in a relaxed and comfortable environment. We then chose to undertake the Auditory Processing Therapy and Listening Skills Training Program, which was tailored to our daughter’s needs and included activities to work on at home. Our daughter enjoyed this, as she has enjoyed all of her time with her audiologist, and the resulting report shows that her skills have improved significantly since beginning her therapy.”
– Sue, mother of Bethany (October 2017)

A comprehensive written report describing your child’s results and management recommendations is provided following the assessment. However, families report that it is often difficult to know where, and how to start.

At Little Ears we have been listening! Our Auditory Processing Therapy & Listening Skills Training Program is tailored specifically for your child focusing on their presenting difficulties, auditory weaknesses and further considers intervention already implemented by other health professionals. Management of auditory processing difficulties requires a multidisciplinary approach and must involve parents, teaching staff and all allied and medical health professionals involved in your child’s care. The Special Education Unit at Macquarie University recommends and supports the explicit teaching of listening skills rather than readily advertised “quick-fix” computer programs.

The AP Therapy & Listening Skills Program typically involves 5 x 45 minute training sessions (the number of sessions recommended depends on the needs of your child and may be less than 5). Homework exercises are provided for further training and to consolidate new skills. Questionnaires are used pre- and post-training to gauge the progress of your child at school and at home.

Please contact us on 8120 2110 or email your child’s Little Ears audiologist for further information (fees, rebates etc.).

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