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What is a Personal Listening Device (previously referred to as FM)?

Phonak Roger EasyPen (Transmitter)

A Personal Listening Device is a wireless system designed to improve one’s ability to detect and understand speech in the presence of background noise (e.g. the classroom) and over distances of up to 15 meters. Personal listening devices ae available for people with and without hearing loss.
“FM” refers to frequency modulation – the way in which the signal used to be transmitted. Current technology uses the 2.4GHz bandwidth.

How does a Personal Listening Device work?

At Little Ears we recommend Roger technology by Phonak, which maximizes speech understanding in noise and over distance using both digital and dynamic processing. Dynamic technology refers to the devices ability to monitor the background noise level in the classroom and adjust the gain (volume) applied to the teacher’s voice accordingly.

Phonak Roger TouchScreen

This is important to ensure your child always hears his/her teacher clearly and comfortably, even in a noisy environment. The set-up involves your child’s teacher wearing a small transmitter, with your child wearing a wireless receiver (available as an ear-level device or small device with headphones).

Why is a Personal Listening Device recommended forchildren diagnosed with APD?

Children diagnosed with an Auditory Processing Disorder face a number of listening challenges in the classroom, outdoors and in other social environments. A personal listening device helps overcome listening difficulties due to background noise, distance and poor room acoustics. Using a personal listening device children feel like the speaker (e.g. teacher / instructor) is talking directly to them (in their ear). This enables them to actively participate in conversations and classroom tasks and has also been shown to improve a child’s confidence.

Can we trial a Personal Listening Device?

Yes. At Little Ears we have a number of personal listening devices available for short-term hire. An appointment will be made with your child’s audiologist to demonstrate to you and your child how to best use the device.

Roger MyLink (Receiver used with small headphones)

Roger MyLink (Receiver used with small headphones)

Clear written information is also provided for you and your child’s teacher on how to use the system. Should you find the trial beneficial and wish to purchase a device a discounted purchase price will apply. Please contact us on 8120 2110 for further information.

How do I purchase a Personal Listening Device?

Please contact us to purchase a personal listening device. We are happy to provide written quotes for NDIS if required. Please contact your private health fund to determine whether any rebates apply.

Photos courtesy of Phonak.

Phonak Roger Focus (ear-level receiver) orange

Phonak Roger Focus (ear-level receiver) orange

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