Social Story

Little Ears is a part of All Ears Audiology. Our office is welcoming and warm.

Little Ears-163Our friendly staff will greet you when you arrive. Here is a picture of Natasha waiting to meet you.

Little Ears-40One of our Paediatric Audiologists will come and get you and your mum/dad from our waiting room to play some fun games in our special listening room. Here we can check how well your ears are working.

Here is a picture of Lauren waiting to meet you.

Little Ears-26Little Ears-71First we will look in your ears with our special light.

Little Ears-82We can then check how healthy you ears are using our special machine like a camera. You can even see what picture your ear draws on the screen.

Little Ears-34
There are lots of different listening games we can play together. For young children we may listen for our cheeky rabbit or monkey to make a noise.

Little Ears-91Little Ears-103Little Ears-136For older children we gently put small earphones in your ears so that you can hear sounds. Sometimes these sounds are easy to hear and other times they are very small. Listen carefully.
Pop-Up Pirate is one of our favourite games. We have lots of games to choose from. I wonder which one you will pick.

Image-2We may even play some listening games with picture cards.

Little Ears-304At the end of our games we will chat with you mum/dad for a little while. We look forward to seeing you soon for lots of fun.

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